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About Me 

I am from “Alappuzha”  in Kerala – that’s the southern most state in  India. We moved to the United States 7 years ago , when we began our life here like migratory birds, moving to different places every 6 months. Now am glad that we have made our small nest in a very beautiful place near Salt Lake City -Utah

How I started “Cooking Isn’t Rocket Science”

I am passionate to learn and try new recipes and food, also an observer of different culture and lifestyle, at some point of my life I understood that maintaining and sharing records in this digital world isn’t anyway easier than blogging.
I started this blog 5 years ago when I lost my Dad (Achachan), a time when I wanted to keep my mind occupied, so he’s also a reason. Not sure if cooking and love for food comes with one’s gene as my Dad was a lover of good food,he was the first person who inspired me to love food. He passed away  just after a month after he was diagnosed with Cancer, the last few days with my dad was the only life changing experience I have ever had. 
Little about my Family 
Greatest blessings in life are to be shared when I write about myself, these are the few people in my life that makes me feel important. Am  married to a food lover , a true food analyst but I love serving food to those who enjoy it , love watching them eat and always happy to hear constructive criticisms which helps everyone to improve and we are blessed with two daughters.

A 8 year old helper of mine who’s a fuzzy eater and a 2 year old baby who loves to try everything. I earned my Masters in Dietetics and was taught that MAN IS WHAT HE EATS – for me this statement is very true.

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Kindly write to me, your remarks and any criticism to – taramuricken@gmail.com
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