Chicken Burritos and Refried Beans Recipe

While growing up I have never been so interested in planting or in any backyard activities as its called, other than the imaginary world that I used to be in – while reading girlish stories like “Cinderella” where the backyard had much to contribute, her pets and the pumpkin took me to another world but now I am not sure why that I spent hours in my yard  Veranda , trying my best to grow vegetables and flowers, and then the long wait, wonder what exactly inspires me to wait patiently, each day I check if there’s any new bud of hope.
Enjoying the hide and seek game the birds does when am around, I was so desperate to entertain’em once and now am happy to see’em every time near the only tree that I have in my backyard.
I have never enjoyed summer in the US,  like I do now, may be this house with a little space behind changed my Idea of Summer which for me till last year was just taking NA to the park without a jacket and the long weekend trips….may be because I grew up in a very sunny place.

I know its been almost a week that I have posted anything in my blog, though I feel that my day is not complete if I don’t update, to be honest last week what ever I tried new didn’t come up to the mark for me , to be uploaded here other than this Burrito.

I have been wanting to try this for sometime as all of us here love Mexican foods which taste similar to Indian food , I think that’s the Cumin and Cilantro affiliation , these are among the most used spices/Herbs in Indian cooking and also the use of Dry Beans / Dal as we call it in India.

In burritos they fill the tortilla’s with Rice , whole Pinto or black beans/Rajma , grilled veggie’s  but options are wide and the choice is yours when you make it at home , I am not sure if there is any underlined rule in filling the burrito’s , using refried beans helps to stick the other ingredients intact as it acts as a glue 🙂 though we gets different varieties of Canned refried beans,
I wanted to try making it at home.

This is How I made Refried Beans


Dry Pinto Beans – 1 lb
Jalapeno’s or use Green chili’s – 1 or 2 (According to taste)
Olive Oil or use any Vegetable Oil – 3 Tb Sp
Water for cooking the beans.
Cheddar Cheese – 1/4 cup (Optional -I didn’t use)
Salt to taste


* Soak Pinto beans in water overnight to save cooking time , may cook’em keeping it open but then it takes time (About 2 to 3 Hour’s in low heat with water added to it occasionally)  or else use a pressure cooker (Cook for 30 minutes in medium to low heat after a whistle and wait for the cooker to cool completely to open)

* I soaked it over night , hence cooked’em open for about 1/2 an hour with enough water to cover the beans , stir occasionally, cook till the beans are nice and soft and its skin tends to open/split.

* Remove excess water if any (need just up to 1/4 cup water in the beans once its cooked nicely)      Add the pepper’s (Jalapeno’s / Green chili’s) and salt to taste , using a potato masher mash the cooked beans nicely.(I used a blender to slightly blend it)

* Heat oil in a pan and add the mashed beans to it, stir and fry the mashed beans add more water if necessary to prevent’em from drying out.switch off the heat when slightly thick , it should be moist too as it tends to get thicker in consistency when it sits and cools a bit. (Sprinkle water and stir to make it moist if you think its getting dried)

* May add some cheddar cheese to the cooked beans while its hot , which then melts and blends with the mashed beans – this step is Optional.

Serve hot with Rice , Tortilla’s , Nacho’s etc I used this to fill my Burrito’s.

Burrito’s with Chicken Recipe

Burrito’s are a complete Mexican meal,there’s no sides or sauces needed to enjoy it, as its wrapped up with flavors from all healthy ingredients. 
Tortilla’s – 4 to 6 no’s 
Refried Beans or else use whole cooked Black/Rajma or Pinto Beans  – 2 Tb Sp for each Tortilla’s
Chicken – boneless pieces about 2 cups when cooked 
Garlic – 2 to 4 no’s chopped 
Dried Oregano – a pinch 
Cumin Powder – 1/2 tsp 
Lime juice – from 1 Lime 
Oil – 3 Tb Sp 
Pepper Powder – 1/2 tsp (Or more as per preference) 
Salsa / Mexican sauce – few Tb Sp for each tortilla’s (I used a store bought Salsa mix from a local Mexican store)
Grated Cheese – 1/4 cup to 1 cup – I used the Mexican Blend
Salt to taste.
Cilantro / Coriander leaves to garnish.
Choice of vegetable’s – I used white onion and some colored Peppers (may use lettuce and cabbage)
* Heat 2 Tb Sp oil in a pan , add the sliced chicken pieces and garlic to it , add salt and pepper and cook till nicely done. Stir occasionally while cooking.
* When the pieces are cooked and looks dry , sprinkle cumin powder , dried oregano and lime juice. Switch off the heat and Keep aside.
* In an other pan, heat 1 Tb SP oil and lightly fry the vegetables for not more than 2 minutes (as if cooked for more time the vegetables starts to sweat and become moist) May use a grill to grill the vegetables with some salt and pepper instead of sauteing. 
 Keep these Veggies aside. 
* Heat each tortilla’s in a flat pan (Chapathi Tawa) a few seconds on each side. 
I used Spinach and Herb Tortilla’s…got attracted to it color 🙂
* Place about 2 Tb Sp of refried beans and top with few pieces of chicken. 
* Place few sauteed vegetable pieces  on top of the chicken, then pour the salsa over it. 

* Wrap’em tightly and arrange these in a baking tray. 
* Pour some salsa on top…
* And sprinkle some Mexican blend cheese over it…..
* And Bake in 350 Degree F for about 10 minutes (Until the cheese melts)
* Garnish with some Cilantro and serve Hot.
*  Enjoy A Complete Mexican Meal , with the goodness of all healthy Ingredients….
Notes : May fill the Burrito’s with some cheese to make it rich and tasty. 

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