Chenda puzhungiya Kappa / Yucca Root boiled in Beef Gravy

Listed among my husbands favorite dishes , in fact its an Angamaly dish (His place) as I haven’t seen it any where else , Ammamma (His Granny) makes it and these just melts in the mouth.
but for that we need those fresh Kappa/ Yucca root too otherwise I know you’ll stop opening my blog 🙂 
Hey its an easy dish , buy Kappa / Yucca root when you buy any meat (Beef gives the best result) and then when you make a stew or boil it first – add these good guys on to it  cook’em till done and enjoy 🙂  
Here is how I made it
Beef chopped – I had 1 pound , may take less or more 
Green chili’s – 3 to 5 no’s 
Pepper corns – 4 to 7 no’s crushed 
Ginger and Garlic – 2 Tb Sp each 
Vinegar – 3 Tb Sp or else use lime juice 
Curry leaves – 2 to 4 springs 
Oil – Coconut oil or Olive oil 
Salt to taste 
Turmeric Powder – 1 tsp 
Yucca root / Tapioca / Kappa – 2 medium sized (Skins removed and cut from middle in to 2 to 3 inch sized  – big pieces) 


* Marinate meat with all ingredients except the roots /Kappa , keep for some time (1/2 an hour to 2 hour) 
* Cook the meat with little water added to it (1 cup) till half done.
 (I used a pressure cooker , cooked’em to just 1 whistle heard – depends on the meat , usually beef here cooks faster)
* Add the sliced roots / kappa pieces to the half cooked beef and cook’em covered ( though no pressure cooking needed) , takes almost 1/2 an hour (or less depends on the roots , the fresh once cooks faster I guess) mine took longer (insert a spoon or knife to the root pieces to check if done nicely) 
* Take out the root pieces and then a few of the meat pieces and pour that stock over the pieces and serve hot. 
Though am not a big fan of Kappa , I love to have this particular dish as its cooked in that meat gravy and those few pieces of beef makes it delectable. 
Notes :
        While adding the roots,check if there’s is enough water / stock to cook the roots , if less add little more water.  

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