Garlicky Pappula Podi / Putnala Pappu Podi

Its from Telugu Cuisine (State of Andra Pradesh in India)  , I tasted it first from a friends house while in India ,4 of us Malayalies were invited and I remember  while going back from their place  all 4 of us were talking about this Pappula podi which they served with hot white rice and some ghee/clarified butter….

Delicious !!

Then I got a few friends here in Salt Lake city who are from Andra  , and each time we are invited they serve us many different varieties of Pappu podi , Pappu in Telugu means Lentils I guess 🙂
They have different variety of podi /Powders that they serve with Rice , with Idli’s , Dosa’s and Masala Dosa – the powder is sprinkled inside the dosa before wrapping’em up and also with snack items like Bajji / Pakora’s and Vada.

Once they gave me to take home 🙂 this Garlic based Pappu Podi , which I had almost daily with hot rice and now I know I can survive on this one alone….it got over last week and I decided to make it at home.

Since its like Garlic week for us here , added more of garlic in this Pappula podi as I didn’t see any recipe in the net called Garlic Pappu podi.

Recipe adapted from


Garlic – I took 1 whole Garlic head
Split Roasted Gram/Pappulu/Bhuna Chana Dal – 1/2 cup
Dry Red chili’s – 7 to 9 no’s (or less)
Cumin seeds/Jeera – 1 tsp
Hing/Asafoetida- a pinch (Optional)
Dry Coconut – 3 Tb sp (I didn’t use it)
Salt to taste


* Heat a pan and add the garlic first , dry roast it for about 3 minutes in low heat , add then gram and roast’em for another 5 to 7 minutes in medium to low heat , stir vigorously.

* Add all the other ingredients ( I didn’t have dry coconut here so I didn’t use it)  saute for a few more minutes and switch off the heat , keep to cool for 5 minutes

* Grind’em to powder and keep in an air tight container to store them.

Sprinkle it on to hot rice , drizzle few drops of ghee/clarified butter or else use melted butter and enjoy.


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