Strawberry Chocolate Dip

That was a Beautiful Christmas , till last year I had my Achachen (Dad) with me for Christmas , the only thing and the biggest thing I missed during this Christmas was ” His Presence ” I really wished Santa would show me a dream of my Achachen’s smiling face and also a hug from him…I didn’t want to write all these here but then I don’t want to delete what I have written. 
The beautiful thing I enjoyed this Christmas was my NA’s expression after she saw her “wish – toy” under the Christmas Tree , she was dumbstruck for a few seconds ….moments which made me very happy and satisfied…..
The funniest thing was her question to me ” why Santa forgot to take the gift wrap ” OMG I really didn’t notice that gift wrap – roll lying in the room anyways that’s a lesson learned now.
These Strawberries here was the centerpiece this Christmas , its a super easy and attractive way to decorate your table , insert these in skewers/ toothpick and place it in a glass or insert the other end of the skewers/tooth pics in a cake or any other edible stuff or fruits like Pineapple or Melon. 
Strawberries – A few 
White Chocolate chips – 1/4 cup or less 
Green color – a drop (Optional) 
* Wash and dry the strawberries , insert a toothpick or skewers (if you have it ) in to the strawberries through its leaf end.
* Melt 3/4rth of the White chocolates (of how much ever taken) in a microwave for 7 seconds , take out , touch to see if its all melted , if not ,place it back again and microwave for another 5 seconds , to melt it completely , do not over heat it ,  as if over heated it becomes thick  (other option is to double boil the chocolates to needed liquid y consistency ) .  
* Dip the strawberries when the chocolates are hot and liquidy . Freeze these strawberries for a few seconds to keep the coating intact.
* Melt the remaining white chocolates in the microwave with a few drops of water. Need’em to be more flowing , mix green color to the melted chocolate and pipe these on to the strawberries how ever you want it , can be creative here. (I used a plastic storage bag , cut its ends off to pipe these chocolate)
I know its not neatly done , excuse is that I was tired after the Christmas Cooking 😦 
Happy Day After Christmas 🙂 
Tip :  Use fruits of your choice to dip.

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