Snakeguard & Egg Thoran

 ” Padavalangya ”  that’s what we call snake guard in malayalam , I know its almost like a tongue twister for non malayalees , this recipe is something which goes with rice , addition of dal and egg makes it more nutritious.
Mixing two items in a dish makes it interesting as I have felt , cooking with just one ingredient makes it monotonous.Mixing different ingredients together always doesn’t come out good but some times it ends up in extra ordinarily tasty dish , Padavalangya and egg is not my idea , I think that’s how majority of people in kerala cooks this vegetable.

Can you see steam escaping from the dish ? I tried my best to capture it 😦 


Toor dal – 1/4 cup ( I used moong dal here to save cooking time , Toor dal is better) 
Snake guard – 1 medium size chopped.
Egg – 1 (or more )
Onion – 1 medium chopped
Coconut – 2 to 3 table spoon, grated 
Garlic – 2 cloves crushed (Optional) 
Turmeric Powder – 1/2tsp
Red chili powder – 2 tsp ( or  – if using Green chili’s 3 no’s ) 
Oil – 2 table spoon (I used coconut oil)
Dried Red chili’s- 2 (Optional) 
Salt to taste


* Wash and cook the toor dal till almost done , takes almost 1/2 an hour , check the water in it in between.When almost done , add the chopped Padavalangya /snake Guard (add green chili if using) turmeric powder and salt and cook till the snakeguard gets cooked and the water in the pot dries off, do stir in between.
* Heat 1 table spoon of oil in a pan , saute Garlic (if using) and chopped onion , when golden brown add the cooked dal and Snake guard mixture to it and stir , make a well in between and pour lightly beaten egg (I had seasoned the egg with salt )  , do not stir until the egg looks cooked a bit ( till they turns lightly solid ) 
* Mix and combine all the ingredients , and again make a well to add the grated coconut.
* Mix to combine , again make a well add the rest of the oil (1 table spoon) ,wait till the oil heats up a bit and add the dry chilies and the chili powder and curry leave if using , stir well to combine and serve hot with Rice. 
Keep the heat in medium to low , while adding each ingredients  and keep stirring in each step. 

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